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Loft Conversion Regulations by Loft Conversions Exeter

Planning permission is something you need to think about when getting your loft converted but Loft Conversions Exeter are here to help at every stage. The team at Loft Conversions Exeter can help you work out whether you will need to get planning permission, what building regulations to consider, and any other permissions you may need in place before you get started.

Building Regulations Followed By Loft Conversions Exeter

Part K of the building regulations sets measures to prevent, falling, collisions and impact and will be considered when your loft conversion is done.

Let Loft Conversions Exeter be your guide to building regulations and planning permission.

Building Control For Exeter Loft Conversion

If you want to bring your loft conversion up to standard and get that all important completion certificate (which will add value to your house) then invite the local authority building control round. A building control surveyor will inspect your conversion at various stages and will be responsible for issuing a completion certificate upon final inspection.

Loft Conversions Exeter are the top loft conversion company for homes in Exeter.

Loft Conversion Prepration In Exeter, Devon

Once you've found out whether you are able to have a loft conversion, you can contact us for average prices and tips from experts and people who have had a loft conversion on how to keep costs down. Loft Conversions Exeter suggest that you speak to your local planning department before starting any loft conversion project in Exeter.

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