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Loft Conversion Insulation by Loft Conversions Exeter

Loft Conversions Exeter insulation will help to provide a continuous layer of insulation around the space, preventing unnecessary heat loss. Loft Conversions Exeter can go through what to do if you have a roof room and need insulation, and how this can complicate the matter!

Loft Conversion Insulation From Loft Conversions Exeter

Positioning the insulation over the rafters in a continuous layer solves the issue of cold bridging.

You can get insulated plasterboard from a range of suppliers.

Loft Insulation In Exeter

U-values determine how effective a material is as a heat insulator the lower the u-value, the better the insulation. If a complete re-roof is required as part of a loft conversion, Loft Conversions Exeter can do this.

Insulation can usually be added externally, between the roof room ceiling and the new roof, during the process of re-roofing with Loft Conversions Exeter. At Loft Conversions Exeter we also offer roofing insulation solutions as part of our loft conversion service.

Roof Insulation For Loft Conversion In Exeter, Devon

Here at Loft Conversions Exeter we provide a number of roof insulation options for Loft Conversions in Exeter, Devon.

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